Business Advisory

Our business advisors and accountants have helped many businesses like yours. Its not only “okay” to ask for business guidance when you need it – it’s essential!

We know firsthand you face many competing pressures, each and every day. Sometimes it feels lonely or like there never are enough hours your day. The fact is your time is continually reprioritised to those tasks that actually feel like they are adding value.

The fact is, many business do not adequately maintain the financial aspects of their business for these reasons and more, especially small businesses without a dedicated accountant within their team. We know you are seriously good at what you do and want you to succeed.

Advice on what matters most

Our services beyond traditional accounting & taxation services.

  • Structuring of your business
  • Protecting your assets
  • Due Diligence and negotiation for business buy/sell transactions
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Assistance with government grants
  • Entity setup and registrations
  • Review of Sale Readiness of Business
  • Business Valuation
  • Evaluation of structuring
  • Business plans
  • Internal financial management (Virtual CFO)
  • Cash flow management and proposals for improvement
  • Risk management
  • Structuring business systems
  • Succession planning
  • Tax planning & minimisation

Trusted Advisor

At Marvel Consulting we understand you need a professional trusted adviser by your side, someone who will support you, someone who will keep you informed and who’ll keep your best interests in mind. Most importantly we will take away some of the pressures that are getting in the way of your success.

We foster growth, efficiency and sensible decision making through analysis and assistance with the implementation of strategies. Along with the other complementary services in accounting and taxation we can partner with you and your business no matter what stage of its business life cycle.

Direction in every step of your way

Where are you at today?


Get guidance on how to be setup and structured to minimise your risks, protect your assets and ensure you have it all planned out. Starting a business without any plan at all is planning to fail.


Identify and analyse the opportunities that arise, find inefficiencies maximise your return and value.


Get an exit strategy in place and ensure you get the most value out of your business. Ensure business sales are considered and implemented at least a couple of years in advance.

Are you scratching your head with these questions on your mind!

  • I’ve made a profit, where is the money?
  • My trading account isn’t growing?
  • How much sales do I need to cover my costs?

There are reasonable explanations for the phenomena, we will not only show you why, we will show you how to to manage and achieve better results.

Call us now for an initial consultation or click below.

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